I saw a beautiful hawk on the fence next to the bird feeder this cold winter morning.   I believe he is a broad winged hawk.   It is exciting to actually see the hawk sitting like a pet right outside my kitchen window.   Usually I think it is great just to see him soaring over the yard and to hear his piercing whistle.  Earlier there were many beautiful birds including two robust male blue jays at the feeder.  It is the coldest day of the winter so far.

That hawk was a terrorist at my bird feeder this morning.  He was not after birdseed.  He was hoping for a less vegetarian breakfast.  The big blue jays do scare the smaller birds away for a time, but when the hawk was there, no one else could come and eat.  I love to watch the little nuthatches and house sparrows hop up to the bird feeder and then sit in neat, happy little rows on my fence, full from their millet and sunflower seed breakfast.

I’m having a little trouble seeing the sparrows this week however.  I’m having a little trouble hearing from the Holy Spirit what I should be doing on my talk for Monday.  John 8.  Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  Inspiring stuff, but all the little birdy ideas in my brain are hiding way on the edges of my brain’s branches waiting for the hawk to leave and waiting for the big bully blue jays to please just finish.

The truth is, there is no hawk, no major problem like a death in the family or accident or illness.  There are however lots of distracting beautiful blue jays keeping me sidetracked and busy; keeping me from focusing on my God given call-teaching others the Word of God.  All of those little sparrow ideas that are the lifeblood of teaching have to be fed and they have to feel free to hop and fly around the bird-feeder if I’m going to develop them into a talk.  They need nourishment, time, and space.  I have to be careful to watch for them and keep their feeder full.  Hawk size troubles can derail my preparation, but more often, it is those distracting pretty blue jays that take my eyes off what is important.

Those blue jays that catch my eye are emails, phone calls I need to make, work that needs to be done around the house-all needed but nothing as important as listening to God’s still small voice as I study His word and read sermons and writings from godly people who have taught on the subject before me.

But there is always enough semi-important stuff to keep me busy right through Monday night (when I speak) without ever hearing a word from God.  A wise person (at a CBS Leadership Training) once told me, keep your focus on the important stuff and get it done first, the laundry isn’t going anywhere.  The laundry or the bills or whatever it is for you will still be there when you have finished doing the important things.

A hawk might bring terror for a time but it is usually just those little blue jays that keep the sparrows away.  Probably should be studying, but maybe I should order some more bird seed??

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