Once upon a time there was a gardener.  And when spring came that gardener worked very hard and planted flowers and vegetables.  All summer the gardener played and swam and waited for God to make her garden grow. 

And in the fall the gardener went to her garden and BEHOLD the flowers were scraggly from neglect and had dried up.  The green beans had produced mightily but since no one picked them the beans had become hard and brown.  The only tomatoes that were left were rotted on the ground.  And the gardener was sorely disappointed with God.

 And the gardener complained to God that he had not cared for the garden.  She complained about the flowers-though in fact they had been quite beautiful but were now a mess due to neglect.  She complained to God about the beans-though in fact there had been plenty enough for her and the whole neighborhood had they only been picked regularly.  She complained to God about the tomatoes but the creatures of the garden, the rabbits and the ground squirrels, were full and happily.  But God was silent.

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