Curriculums and Classes

The following is a selection of courses Liz has written or developed and taught.  Contact us for more information or for help adapting these courses to your retreat or adult class settings.  Liz would love to help you develop your own class or study on these or other topics.

Soul Spa Psalms

A nine week study of the Psalms for men and women (Note from Liz: the Spa title throws some guys off, but I thought it was catchy.  We used a picture of a guy on his knees with his hands in the air for advertising.)  This is a fun class with lots of participation, classroom exercise, and application.  The participants will not only understand the book of Psalms but will have practice using psalms in their day to day life and in ministry.

Living Water: Jeremiah Speaks Today

A fourteen week course covering the teachings of the prophet Jeremiah.  Ancient preaching studied and applied to the twenty first century.  Class titles include When God Calls, Dealing with Reluctance, Discouragement, God’s Sovereignty and Universality, Spiritual Depression, Assessing What is Valuable, Seeking God with All Your Heart, Compassion, Our Place in the World, Complaining to God, Is Anything too Hard for God.

Liz says: This study would work well in conjunction with a church wide program including sermons and adult or small group studies on the book of Jeremiah.  It could be used in a week-long camp or retreat setting as well.

Intellectuals Don’t Need God: Building Bridges to Faith through Apologetics

Based on Alister McGrath’s Book, Intellectuals Don’t Need God and Other Modern Myths.

Seven one hour sessions on sharing and defending Christian faith.  Presentations include :  1) A Ready Defense, 2) Points of Contact, 3) Faith: From Assent to Commitment, 4) Barriers to Faith, 5) Intellectual Barriers to Faith, 6) Overcoming  Barriers to Faith, 7) Moving Faith from Sunday to Life

Liz says: This is a great book to read and teach from.  I had the class read about 30 pages a week of the book and then made Power Point slides to teach from.  There is plenty of room for discussion and for people to share their thoughts and experiences in a class like this.  You could shorten the class down to four weeks if your class members were willing to read more.

Worldview Marketplace: Where Faith Seeks Understanding

An invitation to examine your faith.  Covering difficult topics from a Biblical yet thoughtful perspective; including Evil, Suffering, Doubt, Homosexuality, Theistic Evolution and Post-Modern thought among other things.  Belief is initiated by faith but sustained by thought.

Liz says: TheWorldview Marketplace was divided into 5 four to six week sessions.  One of the most interesting ones to teach was four weeks on the history of thought from the nineteenth century to today examining the meaning of truth.  Liz taught the four week sessions on philosophy including theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, eastern pantheism, new age, and post-modernism with her husband John.  The last six weeks were lectures given by professionals in psychology, law, economics and other fields on applying a Christian Worldview in the marketplace.

The Apostles Creed and Early Christianity

Six one hour sessions on the historical context of early Christian creeds.

Liz says: This isn’t as dry as it sounds.  We started out in a small classroom and it got very crowded very soon.

Acts-Thirty Years that Changed the World

Thirty 20-minute Bible studies on each chapter of Acts.  “Jesus taught in Palestine.  The Apostles took it on the road. Luke wrote about it in the book of Acts.”  Thirty 20 minute teachings done for Community Bible Study in Greenwich.

The Bible Yesterday and Today

Three 1-hour sessions on the development of the Old and New Testaments and how to interpret and understand the Bible.

The Theologian in You!

Eleven 1-hour sessions covering the essentials of theology including: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Creation, Salvation, Sanctification, Good and Evil, the Afterlife, and the Second Coming.  Based on the popular “Foundations” course written by Tom Holladay and Kay Warren.  Liz highly recommends this course as a starter to developing an ongoing adult class or study.  The kit contains everything you need to teach and learn “11 Core Truths to Build Your Life On.”

Liz says: This was the first course I taught to adults.  When I taught this class I was a busy mom and seminary student. Through adapting and using this curriculum, I began to learn how to teach adults.  Though I adapted the materials and PowerPoints for my own use, I learned so much about using illustrations, PowerPoints, teaching materials and especially the importance of applying truth to life and not teaching facts only.

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